Before I die.

March 2, 2010

These are some things I’d like to accomplish before I  cease to exist. Some of these things have already been accomplished, and some things I’ve yet to decide. For starters…

1. See wars in the Middle East come to an end.

2. Work a fun job in SF

3. Bike Golden Gate Bridge

4. Live in Chicago

5. Explore Europe

6. Explore the rest of the world

7. Peyote

8. Dance in all parks possible

9. Ride an elephant/large beast

10. Throw a dart at a map….and go!

11. Music festival in another country

12. Be a part of something larger than myself

13. Keep a journal

14. Smoke with dad

15. Learn how to take a compliment

16. Sex in an elevator

17. Pay for someone’s meal and don’t take credit

18. Visit congress or D.C.

19. Australia

20. Donate anonymously

21. Learn to bartend

22. Quit a shitty job

23. Go to: Abbey Road, Imagine in Central, Strawberry fields, Van Gough’s sunflowers

24. High speed train

25. Adopt (?)

26. Get a degree

27. See the northern lights

28. Watch sunsets and sunrises on as many coasts as possible

29. Sleep in hammocks outside

30. Crash a party/wedding.

31. Learn guitar & drums

32. Make a scrapbook

33. Take more pictures

34. Buy drinks for everyone at a bar.